Our Capability

We create prints on a daily basis and select painstakingly most suitable prints for our customer’s production.

Having over 20 years of experience in the production of printed women’s clothing, and hence understanding the entire process of manufacturing garments, we are able to optimize the printing according to our customer’s desired style.
Along with qualified fabric suppliers in Korea and Vietnam, we provide also the best quality of various fabrics according to the print and style.

What can we do?

1. For Small and Medium-size Apparel Companies

A. Basic Services for Textile Print

1) Providing Digital Textile Prints, especially for Women’s Apparel or Athleisure at a competitive price

2) Suggestion of suitable prints and fabrics for customer’s own collection via collaboration

3) Providing print swatches and yardages for sampling

4) Modification and Colorway upon request

B. Additional Services for Production based in Vietnam

1) Digital printing on customer’s designated fabric : small quantity is acceptable

2) Outsourcing for the Fabric at a competitive price

3) Outsourcing for the Apparel Production : small quantity is acceptable

2. For Textile Trade Companies and Apparel Vendors

1) Providing Digital Textile Prints at a special price

2) Suggestion of suitable prints for their customer’s collection via collaboration 

3) Providing print swatches and yardages for sampling 

4) Modification and Colorway upon request 

5) Conversion of Digital Print to Traditional Print (color separation)

We are ready to support you!

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