Under the present situation of the Fashion Apparel Industry, especially for many Women’s Garment Companies around the world,
Textile Prints are becoming more important and essential.
This is because Companies have the difficulty to differentiate their Brand Identity from other competitors by building their own Design.
For this reason, Textile Print is taught as a subject of the Graphic / Industrial Design discipline, not only in Korea but also in universities around the world.
Their Graduates work as Designers unfolding their dream in Textile Design & Print Development and Fashion Design Companies.
The success of some Global Fashion Brands or Designers with their own and distinct Textile Prints can be an evidence.
However, in Vietnam, although the apparel industry is growing, it focuses on simple industries such as garment manufacturing with
a modest young labor force whose value does not grow progressively.
In our opinion, this is because there are only few aware of the potential and future of Textile Print and because there are only few Educational Facilities where Textile Print is taught.
For that reason, AFROMAZI DESIGN SAIGON CO., LTD., is honorably holding the 1ST ANNUAL TEXTILE PRINT DESIGN CONTEST, and with this opportunity, we would like to promote
the meaning and future of Textile Print as one distinct field of Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Fashion Design to the Vietnamese Young Men and Women and Educational Facilities.


AFROMAZI, founded in SPAIN in March of 1998, has discovered, selected and developed Textile Prints for Women’s Garment
with good success in the European Market over the last 20 years.
In March of 2018, the Company founded AFROMAZI DESIGN SAIGON CO., LTD. in HCMC to develop Textile Prints for the Worldwide Market with
Vietnamese Young Men and Women. Currently the Company is developing beautiful and competitive Textile Prints with twelve talented Young Vietnamese Designers.
AFROMAZI DESIGN SAIGON is a Company who is passionate about Textile Prints Design and who loves the beauty of Women’s Garment through our own Textile Prints


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